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At Klamath Falls Plumbers we are dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service and dependability at a fair price. Our plumbers can handle all your plumbing needs from a small plumbing job like a leaking bathroom faucet, all the way to a complete residential plumbing repipe job. No job is too big or too small. Our expert plumbers will show up at your home or business on time and diagnose your plumbing issues and provide a clear solution to your plumbing problem. We are standing by for your call.

Plumbing Service Repairs need to be Addressed ASAP

All plumbing service repairs are critical to be completed as quickly as possible. Homes are not designed to have moisture in areas not designed to handle moisture. A plumbing leak will do just that, it will place moisture inside of areas of your home not meant for moisture like the inside of a bathroom or kitchen cabinet, or maybe under the foundation of your home like a slab leak would do. Any type of plumbing leak, if not a full blown emergency, is at minimum a high priority to be take seriously and prioritized. We have witnessed too many situations where we were called to fix a plumbing leak that was leaking a bit too long. The moisture and water causes damage to the cabinet or flooring and sometimes there is a dark substance developing in the area. We are not going to say the M word! Long story short, call Klamath Falls Plumbing as soon as you see water in areas there shouldn’t be. We serve the entire Klamath Falls area.

Plumbing Fixture Updating

Not exactly a plumbing problem but Klamath Falls Plumbing can also assist with general plumbing fixture updates. These updates may include new trendy upgraded finishes on the fixtures like Gold, Brushed Nickel, or Matte Black. We can help your home stay on trend if thats what you are into. Speaking of trends, have you seen the toilet technology these days? Wow these toilets are looking cool! Some of them have lights and seat warmers, smell eradicators or as the experts named it Auto Deodorization, and believe it or not they can even wipe for you, don’t knock it till your try it lol. Also this may eliminate the need for toilet paper or at least cut your toilet paper consumption way down, which could reduce the chances of a sewer line blockage or drain cleaning…crazy.

Klamath Falls Water Heater Repair / Replacement

Water Heaters are noted to have a typical plumbing service life between 8-12 years. However if your water heater is not leaking, or making strange noises, and continues to heat water up quickly, then you might have some time left on the unit. If any of the above start to occur it is best to call Klamath Falls Plumbing and get the unit repaired or replaced before you have a real plumbing problem on your hands. Tankless Water heaters are noted to last up to 20 years. This is due to the nature between the two types of water heaters.  Traditional Water Heaters are constantly working to maintain hot water for the home. The continuous wear and tear on the internal parts of the water heater break down over time. The newer style tankless water heater only kicks on when hot water is needed. This cuts down on the daily wear and tear, typically giving it a longer service life.

Our Klamath Falls Plumbing Services

Plumbing Leaks

18 Klamath Falls

Do you think you have a plumbing leak? Lets get it fixed. Call Klamath Falls Plumbers Now!

Drain Cleaning

30 Klamath Falls

Sink or Shower slow to drain? You could have a blockage deep in your plumbing system. Ask about our drain cleaning services.

Water Heaters

13 Klamath Falls

Water Heater on the fritz? Is it acting strange? Give us a ring, we will try to get it back to its former glory.

Sewer Line Services

Sewer Line Issues? Our local plumbers can inspect, diagnose, and repair/replace your sewer line if needed. 

Home Filtration

Explore the benefits of a Whole Home Filtration System. 


Drain Cleaning Klamath Falls, OR

Water lingering around in your sink or shower like a house guest who overstays their visit? You may have a clogged plumbing drain and need a drain cleaning service. No need to worry, most plumbing drain clogs are pretty easy for a qualified local plumber to diagnose and eliminate. We have a variety of drain cleaning techniques ready to deploy. Usually the plumbing auger or plumber’s snake will get the job done. If drain clogging is an ongoing reoccurring problem we may have break out our hydro-jetting machine and pressure blast the inside of your plumbing pipes.
Plumbing Leaks
Plumbing leaks can come in a variety of styles. Typical plumbing leaks can be detected by common sense alone, like you actually can see a dripping plumbing fixture. Plumbing leaks that most homeowner can catch on their own include kitchen faucet leaks, bathroom faucet leaks, toilet leaks, sink drain leaks, etc. However there are some plumbing leaks that may require special tools like a moisture meter and a trained eye. These types of leaks occur in the walls and ceilings, or under concrete slabs known as slab leaks. Call us for all your plumbing problems in the Klamath Falls area.
Whole House Filtration Systems
In addition to our essential plumbing services we also offer upgraded plumbing services such as whole house filtration systems. There are many reasons to consider installing a whole house filtration system in your home. Some of the benefits include better smelling and tasting water. Other benefits can be health related, by removing impurities from your home’s water supply. Popular “point of use” filtration systems are great for that one particular plumbing fixture. But if you actually take some time and think about how much water plays a part in your daily home activities, it is very significant. For example the water running through your dishwasher, washer and dryer, or the water you use to brush your teeth and take a shower. All of this water is coming strait from your municipality water supply. Wouldn’t you feel safer taking matters into your own hands and adding some extra layers of filtration? Call Klamath Falls Plumbing for all your required plumbing services.

Klamath Falls Homeowner Plumbing Tips

Main Water Supply Valve

You don’t need to call a local plumber for this but, we think it’s always a good idea for a homeowner to know how and where to turn the water off to a particular plumbing fixture and also the main water line to the home, in case of an emergency plumbing problem. While performing another plumbing service on your home like a drain cleaning service our local plumbers can point it out to you if needed. Just give us a call.

Kitchen Sink Drain

Try and limit what waste ends up in your kitchen sink drain. Even if you have a garbage disposal, it is a good idea to scrape the plates into the garbage can before cleaning them in your sink. Also any grease or oil down the sink is a No No. This will help prevent calling us for our drain cleaning services. But if you do have to call us, we’ll give you a fair price!

Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks do not go away on their own, these are plumbing problems that are here to stay till you do something about it. Burying your head in the sand is only going to compound your plumbing problem quickly. Call Klamath Falls Plumbing for our ASAP plumbing services as soon as you suspect a plumbing leak. 

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